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Green Plains Inc. (Nasdaq:GPRE) is North America's fourth largest ethanol producer, which markets and distributes approximately 1.2 billion gallons of renewable motor fuel annually. Green Plains owns and operates grain storage assets in the corn belt and biofuel terminals in the southern U.S. 

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BioHoldings, Ltd.

BioHoldings, Ltd. is a holding company of business building in advanced biological and membrane systems primarily in areas of water, feed and energy. The BioHoldings team of entrepreneurs collectively has over 100 years of experience developing opportunities through partnerships with world class organizations for growth of businesses backed by equity and working alongside talented and experienced management teams to create value.


CLARCOR is the most diverse filter company in the world. Our filters clean the air you breathe and the water you drink. We clean the liquids used in engines, from trucks to airplanes to locomotives. We filter the air and fluids used in manufacturing plants to decrease pollution, remove odors, reduce energy requirements and improve efficiency. We remove the water and contaminants from natural gas and oil to help meet the world’s energy needs. You may not always see our products, but CLARCOR is always there to make our world cleaner and safer.

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