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Algae Blooms on Iowa's West Coat - Biomass Magazine

Article by Tim Portz - August 29, 2012 BioProcess Algae Senior Scientist Toby Ahrens notes that while carbon dioxide may not yet be an official liability, any CO2 exiting up the stack of an industrial facility is, at the very least, a missed opportunity. Pointing also to the high cost and difficulty of sequestering carbon, Ahrens and BioProcess Algae seek not to sequester carbon dioxide  but to utilize it to create a biomass stream that can be converted into high-value feed, fuel and specialty coproducts. This month, we catch up with Ahrens and inquire about his history with algae, the advantages of algal cultivation and BioProcess Algae’s progress at its pilot facility in Shenandoah, Iowa. Read More