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Algae Industry Magazine Interview with Tim Burns

Article by David Schwartz - April 5, 2012 Many eyes are closely watching the development arc at BioProcess Algae, in Shenandoah, Iowa, for signs that this might be the model for future farming. An algae cultivator with “extreme” co-location advantages, BioProcess Algae brings together a combination of ingredients that algae growers are increasingly seeking out for success and survival. A product of the entrepreneurial vision of Tim Burns and the scientific knowhow of John Haley, BioProcess Algae leverages the synergy of resources and expertise of four founding companies. Tim Burns was also President, CEO and a co-founder of BioProcess H2O, one of the four corporate partners, and the one that has shepherded BioProcess Algae through its short but high profile early days. And while the operation may look like the beginning of the farm of the future, Burns is very clear on the business model he’s pursuing. “If you looked at what we are about….we are about monetizing carbon. We provide a carbon-capture technology for production of a low cost, but high value, feedstock for feeds, food and fuel. That’s how we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the market.” Read More