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Algae confronts its destiny and identity, at ABO Summit

Written by: Jim Lane, Biofuels Digest - Oct. 27, 2011 Is it algal, or algae? Is HeteroBoost really a technology platform, not a product offered by Michele Bachmann? How do you communicate the complex bio-story to the broader investing public? In Minneapolis, the algal biomass industry seeks the answers. This week, the Algal Biomass Organization is holding its annual Summit in Frostbite Falls. Er, I mean Minneapolis. Aside from the arduous task ABO set its members in getting to Minnesota — and enduring more airline flight attendant choruses of “we are out of beeforchicken, all we have left is the chickenorbeef” — the event has been a remarkable success, with more than 800 people in attendance. ABO 2011 has offered an opportunity to consider the progress that the algal biomass sector has made in its race for commercial-scale, to marvel at the proliferation of robust business models, and to sneak a few peeks at the emerging supply chain partners in the exhibit hall (brilliantly organized by ABO and BBI).