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Competitive advantage of cultivation technology:

Rather than fighting biofilms, BioProcess Algae embraces them. The technology at the heart of BioProcess Algae cultivators is a unique high surface area, biofilm-based approach to enhance light penetration, productivity, harvest density and gas transfer – all traditional bottlenecks to low-cost algae cultivation. The Grower Harvester™ technology is a flexible platform that allows for economical production of biomass and secreted metabolites.

System integrators:

BioProcess Algae LLC designs, manufactures, and operates integrated systems to support bioreactor operations and dewatering efforts. Current demonstration activities are supported by commercial scale modular systems that include Grower Harvester™ cultivators, flue gas tie-ins and fully automated operational support such as pH and temperature control, CO2 and nutrient delivery, CIP capability, dewatering and water reuse.

Strategic partnerships:

We are currently engaged in strategic partnerships with industry, national laboratories, and academia to help support strain selection and optimization and downstream processing efforts. We welcome inquiries from potential new collaborators.