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Our technology enables algae to be produced as a crop. We are producing home-grown and home-processed product that can help achieve our country's most crucial long-term goals: energy independence, national security and sound financial standing. 

Animal Feed

The animal feed industry provides sustenance for the livestock that represent a substantial portion of protein human diets around the world.The high protein animal feeds market continues to grow steadily with food consumption of an expanding global population.



The nutraceuticals market encompasses a diverse array of food and food products providing health and medical benefits, such as fish oil, multivitamins and supplements.

Fish Feed

BioProcess Algae is focused on key high growth segments in the fish meal replacement market.


Chemical feedstocks represent an intermediate step in the cost curve, and extracted oils from the Company’s algae can serve as "drop-in" replacements for conventional chemicals feedstocks.


Biofuel feedstocks represent a longer-term opportunity for BioProcess Algae. Biodiesel and ethanol represent a large part of the biofuels market that can be directly addressed by Bioprocess Algae’s products.